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Marine Surveying Cook Marine Consultants

Marine Surveying

We offer a full range of Marine Surveying services which includes cargo stowage, transportation, critical site installation and damage inspections with regards to all modes of transportation including vessels, rail, road, and air transportation, as well as Vessel inspections and various damage surveys.

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Project Management

We provide Project Management and Project support with customized solutions to meet your needs. Our Project team is comprised of Marine Consultants, Technical experts, Port Captains, Engineers, Naval Architects and Field support personnel. Our custom solutions can manage your project or support your existing staff.

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Logistic Solutions Cook Marine Consultants

Logistic Solutions

We can provide logistic solutions for cargo moves of a single out of gauge package, a barge full of structural steel or a complex pre-fabricated Rig for off-shore installation. We can source the transportation services and provide the technical drawings and calculations to ensure that your move is planned in the best possible manner.

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Dry Bulk

  • Contamination/commingling of parcels investigation or prevention
  • Deadweight/Draft surveys
  • Hatch sealing/opening
  • Hold cleanliness
  • Intermediate Draft Survey (to separate cargo into separate parcels)
  • Loading and discharge monitoring
  • Manual sampling
  • Temperature Probing
Cook Marine Consultant Services - dry bulk


  • Bunker Survey
  • Bunker Quantity Detective Services
  • Bunker sampling/witnessing
  • Hold/tank inspections and gauging
  • Liquid quantification
  • Loss control (prevention)
  • Off-specification investigations/prevention
  • Ship to ship transfers
  • Shore tanks quantity verification
  • Vetting inspections
Cook Marine Consultant Services - _0002_Miscellaneous


  • Full-service transportation shipping
  • Intermodal cargo handling
  • Project Management
  • Stowage planning
  • Technical planning
Cook Marine Consultant Services - Logistics


  • Cargo insurance sourcing
  • Court deposition
  • Dock damage survey
  • Dock safety survey
  • Documentation services
  • ISM Auditing
  • Laboratory analysis (performed by third party)
  • Sampling
  • Translating services (English & Spanish)
Cook Marine Consultant Services - Miscellaneous

Project Cargo

  • Barge loading and securing
  • Critical Site installations
  • Heavy Lifts
  • Loading stowage and securing
  • Roll On/Off
  • Rail Car loading and securing
  • Specialized Truck loading and securing
Cook Marine Consultant Services - Project Cargo

Steel Cargo

  • Loading / Discharge out-turn surveys
  • P & I hatch opening and discharge
  • Tally and quantity verification
Cook Marine Consultant Services - Steel Cargo

Technical Consulting

  • Ballast plans
  • Engineering studies
  • ISM Auditing
  • Senior Engineer, Naval Architect, Certified PE
  • Safety Management System – Review and Auditing
  • Stability plans
  • Stowage plans
  • Technical planning
  • Tie-down plans
Cook Marine Consultant Services - Technical Consulting

Vessels (Barges–DSV–OSV–Ships-Tug boats-Small commercial crafts)

  • Bunker Survey
  • Damage survey (with repairs specifications and verifications)
  • Deadweight/Draft Survey
  • ISM Audits
  • Manual sampling
  • On & Off Hire condition survey
  • Port Captain
  • SMS Audits
  • Temperature Probing
Cook Marine Consultant Services - Vessels

In a pinch? We are your quality marine surveying, general transportation and logistics consulting solution.