About the Company

Cook Marine Consultant, Inc. mission is to provide professional and quality Marine Surveying, general transportation, and logistics consulting and Port Captain services accompanied by timely and accurate reporting. Cook Marine Consultants, LLC assists in the transportation process which enables goods to be shipped worldwide. From manufacturer to the destination, CMC acts as the liaison between all the
parties involved ensuring that all materials are shipped to reach their final location in a timely and secure manner.

We have conducted numerous surveys, been involved in large scale projects, provided logistic solutions and performed Port Captain work all depending on the clients’ requirements. Our Marine Consultants & Surveyors are located primarily in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our Principle Surveyor is Jeffrey L. Cook who is assisted by Steven A. Cook, Gordon L. Cook III, and additional staff.

Our additional staff includes a base of professionals with experience in various Technical Consulting, Engineering, and Naval Architecture. Our professionals are both Mariners and career Transportation/Maritime personnel that can support our clients’ needs. We also have additional contractors that are specialists in a variety of areas to assist Cook Marine allowing us to provide a full range of service while maintaining the highest level of professionalism. This additional capacity through our network enables us to handle multiple large projects simultaneously and maintaining coverage to our regular survey work.

Our goal is to furnish the necessary technical expertise to assist our client’s needs to be in conducting a vessel inspection or for the care and preservation of cargo in transit. We recognize that ocean transportation is our core business and that cargo shipped on vessels is susceptible to innumerable variables including adverse conditions that can be detrimental to cargo that is improperly stowed on a vessel. We additionally expand our capabilities based on customers’
needs to include other intermodal transportation moves.